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Please select the printers for which you have in your office:

Phaser 300 Phaser 340 Phaser 350
Phaser 360 Phaser 380 Phaser 560
Phaser 740 Phaser 750 Phaser 780
Phaser 790 Phaser 840 Phaser 850
Phaser 860 Phaser 1235 Phaser 2135
Phaser 6200 Phaser 8200 Phaser 7300
Phaser 7700 DocuPrint C831 DocuPrint C1618
Phaser 3110 Phaser 3210 Phaser 3310
Phaser 3400 DocuPrint N2125 DocuPrint 210
Phaser 4400 DocuPrint N32 DocuPrint N40
Phaser 5400 DocuPrint N4525
None Others (please specify)

Please select all the printers for which you would like information:

Phaser 8200 Phaser 6200 Phaser 1235
Phaser 2135 Phaser 7700  
Are you planning to purchase a printer in:
Within 1 Months Within 3 Months Within 6 Months
Within 12 Months More than 1 Year  
How many printers are you considering purchasing?

1 Unit

2 - 10 Units 11 - 25 Units
26 Units and above    
What is your primary application for a printer?

General Business

Design & Publishing Engineering / Scientific
Finance / Insurance Retail Information Technology
Education Quick Printing Government
Other (please specify):
Which of the following best describes the principal business of your organization ?

Advertising / Graphic Art

Commercial Printing
Quick Printing Education
Government Engineering Architecture
Manufacturing Construction
Retail / Wholesale Finance / Securities
Real Estate Insurance
Oil & Gas Industry
Other (please specify):
What budget price range are you considering for each printer?

less than RM10,000

RM10,000 to RM20,000
RM20,000 to RM30,000 More than RM30,000


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